About Us

Tribe of MelaniNation
Healing Boutique

       Tribe of MelaniNation was created in June 2019 with a vision of melanin women. From there, it birthed into a tee shirt logo representing women from each shade of the bronze foundation family and from there, a statement. Tribe of MelaniNation represents the Voice of Uncomfortable for the Melanin Woman. We build Confidence, Integrity, and Intention through healing the Mind, Body, and Soul by learning to Master the Mindset. As women, we suffer tremendously just because we are women, and as a Black Woman, even more. Since then, Tribe of MelaniNation has expanded into the Healing Boutique where we learn to choose ourselves and our health FIRST! In order to flourish we must nourish. Tribe of MelaniNation is not just a brand. It is a lifestyle.

When we embrace our Uncomfortable on the inside,
we wear it Unapologetically on the outside.
Sis, Let's Heal Together!!!